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dear sir/ madam
i want your help i am going through lot in my life and dont know what to do. last year i got married during first month of marriage everything seems good but slowly slowly problem started my in laws my husband all started having problem. and started giving me mental torture. i even had one miscarriage and everyone left me alone at home i was unconscious for many hours. few months back i gave birth to baby girl my in laws sent me to my parents house on my first stage of pregnancy by saying that my mother in law is not well and wont be able to take care of me. my husband used to visit me lot during my pregnancy. but after i gave birth to baby girl my husband hasnt visited me he left his 2 day old daughter and hasn’t even seen her since than. now he started blaming my family he abuse my parents and he is saying that he will not talk with my parents. and lets see for how long can my parents keep me and my baby. after some days he talk about legal separation than he start appologizing than again he goes that i should break all ties with my parents if i have to come to him. he is not at all worried about his baby. last week he says that he is shifting to some new place and i should join him when i told him that talk to my parents he refused. he is not telling me where he is gonna take me or where that place all he says i should join him without asking any question and that i should trust him. i dont know what to do how can i trust him. when he left his two day old daughter and sick wife. my in laws says we will not interfere in this but i know very well that they are the one guiding him
please help me please