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Guest wrote:
Dear Sir,

I want to share some of my strange phsychological problems so that I can get some solution of those problems.

I was born with genetic disorder as my parents are blood related with each other. I was born in 8th month with abnormality in my body. I will not behave normally as a ordinary boy behaves. I use to cry before going to school. I will not play out door sports when my all friends will play in grounds. Upto my 7th class, I grew somewhat normally. As I entered into my 7th class, suddenly I got phsychological disorder and I will not get sleep entire night. I did not slept for more than 10 days and will get thoughts like – why I am born like this, why all are watching me strangely. And I will cry entire night and my parents admitted me in a mental hospital…..

Dear Mr. Vijay,
Thank you for writing to us. Your story is definitely saddening and we understand that you have gone through a lot. But first I would like to draw your attention to the fact that despite all those difficulties you still managed to complete high education, managed to hold a respectable job and have managed to lead a somewhat normal life. That’s no mean achievement. You should be proud of yourself for that! We are proud of you!

As for your emotional and relationship problems, we will get to them later. First I want to get you good qualified medical advice. I don’t know why you’re taking the medicine that you mentioned right now because I haven’t seen your prescription. But I still want to refer you to a new doctor who can do your full check up once again from a fresh eye. Can you tell me in which city do you live? Then I’ll try to find you a professional there and you can go see him. Once tht is done, we’ll take this further okay? So don’t lose heart… is here for you!

We look forward to your reply!