RE: Welcome!



Hi, prachi, i really want you to help me out…as i’m feeling like to just close my eyes. I’m so confused and i need help.
i was into relationship with my very good friend almost 4yrs, but he refused to commit…now i m 27, we broke up mutually though he wanted to go ahead but i refused…coz i wanted confirmation, i wanted security. i was totally committed to him. we ended as a friend, we still talk, normally, but still i feel there is something.
I still care about him, i dont know why but i feel i still love him.
M nt able to go into other relationship as i’m hurt deeply, i tried commiting suicide but later realised its not worth ending up my life like this.
I want to go into other relationship but m scared. or, shall i tell my ex that i still have some feelings n lets give one more try. What to do? i have all the answers but i dnt have any :(
Please help….