RE: Welcome!



Dear Prachi,

Life become so miserable lately. I lost my best friend in a car accident recently( 2 weeks) back. I really could’nt take it. She is my childhood friend. We have been friends for more than 22 years..I feel so sad as she is the only close friend i ever had in my life. She is supposed to get engaged on November 2012 but everything spoilt at the end. I could’nt console her family and boyfriend..I am hiding myself in the house for the past few weeks. I really dont know to whom i should share my feelings..My boyfriend always yields at me whenever i cried thinking of my best friend..Nowadays he also don’t bother about me. I really don’t know what is happening around. My life full of saddness. I feel alone and I dont have siblings to rely on. My life is so empty without her. What am i supposed to do Prachi? I have been visiting temples quite often nowadays in a hope that god will help me to get rid of this situation. I’m a law graduate and jobless. This is another factor that ruins my life. I could’nt find a job for myself. I lost interest to work after she left me.I have been hiding in house.. The memories we shared together is killing me. Her wedding plan,my wedding plan,the surprices that I wanted to give on her wedding is killing me Prachi.. Please help me.. My heart is aching to the maximum..