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I am simply not able to distance my self from him. I have tried but can not succeed in not talking to him. More so since we work at the same office I find it all the more difficult.
What can I do in such a case?

prachi wrote:
Guest wrote:
My boyfriend and I have been in a relationship for past 2 years. He recently dumped me and declined marrying me. He gives a different reason everytime. I feel suicidal with this indifferent behaviour of his. Please help

Dear guest,
We are glad you have contacted us. First of all remember, suicide is NEVER a way out. When you think about suicide you only hurt yourself; and why should you hurt yourself for someone else’s act?
That said, if he is giving you a different reason every time probably he himself is not sure of the reason. The only thing he is sure of is that he wants to break up. I would say let him go. There is nothing to be gained by begging and pleading. Give him and yourself some space for a while. Calm down and let your emotions get a hold of themselves. Most of the time in a highly emotional situation like this, one thing leads to another in a chain reaction and you end up making things worse by the day. So just take a breather. May be if you give him some time-out he would feel the need to come back to you. If he doesn’t then the relationship is over in any case because why would you want to be with someone who doesn’t need you?

But that’s for later. For now just give yourself a time period (say, a week) and decide that u would use this time to gather yourself…no more tears…no more despair…you would do things you enjoy and will give your relationship some space. Just do this for now and then get back to us. We’ll tell u the next step. All the best!!!