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I am Nilfa , studying in 9th standard . I am 14 years old . Till last month i was good at studies but from last month I am not able to concentrate ! How so ever hard I try i cannot understand my subjects . Nowadays my mind is always busy in stupid things like friends and social networking , even thought it doesn’t make me much happy . I am always kind of sad from inside . Only when i go to my dance classes i feel better.Sometimes i start crying in the night even I don’t know why . No one knows about all this . I always used to get (A+) or (A) grade in my studies . But this time I got (B) grade in most of my subjects. That’s such a shame . I feel like i m turning into a bad girl . Can u please suggest me something that will help me to concentrate on my studies again and have my normal life back ? I can’t tell all these to my parents because they have their business and a lot of tensions and I don’t want to give them more tension .