RE: Welcome!



Dear Sir,
I am Subhajit from Kolkata. I wanna share my psychological problem with you. Hoping to get some solution from you.
5 years back in my college days I was once rejected by a girl when proposing her. By then that situation made me turn my life into an end, but I somehow survived. Since then I am alone and single. I left her memories faded and trying to bring back a sweet smile into my lips so that life turns better, but still I cant even move forward to make a new relation just because I have formed a barrier all around me and always have a feeling that I am better to stay away from making a relation cause I will get rejected.
I am now 26 and working in a private firm. I have no one to share all my feelings with, sometimes I feel like crying loud in my voice. Only one question arises in my mind all the time, “Why am I still alone, why me?” and I get depressed. I don’t know how to overcome this.
Please suggest.