RE: Welcome!



Dear Prachiji,
First of all, I would like to thank you for providing such a service and with anonymity. Your effort is truly appreciated.

I will state my problem as best as I can:
I am a 34 y.o single male working in IT. My issue is that I seem incapable of having normal communication from my side with the ladies. The best I can do is reply to their queries! I am not sure why.
This is causing me major problems in terms of relationships. I have never been in a relationship because even when girls show interest in me, I am unable to respond positively, let alone show initiative from my side.

I do not seem to have any other personality deficits. I think I am intelligent, fairly good looking and with a good sense of humor. I might be lacking a bit in self-confidence though from time to time, but mostly in this matter that I am sharing.
Also, though I am trying to get married by arranged marriage, I have not been lucky yet. So it has been zilch on the relationships side.

This is an issue for me because I am now more often than not feeling absolutely lonely and maybe even depressed. I have contemplated suicide numerous times, but I have decided to hang on for the sake of my parents as of now. My family are not too emotionally responsive and do not seem to perceive my emotional needs as a human being. I don’t think one can change that though.
Though I do take a vacation for a change of air from time to time to keep my mind occupied, I need some permanent solution to help me enter into a happy relationship.
Any help from your side would be appreciated.
Thanks again.