RE: Welcome!


Akriti Chauhan wrote:

Hi Prachi mam, I have been waiting for your reply since long…PLEASE PLEASE help me, I need urgent counselling, pls view my post of 10/11/2012.I need to decide things soon as am very short of time….I m waiting for your reply ma’m please help..

Dear Akriti,
you’re walking down a very dangerous path. I would suggest that you inform your parents immediately. It took me some time to get to your problem. I hope you’re still safe and sound in your home and haven’t relented to his unreasonable demands. Akriti, a possessiveness of this level can get very dangerous. I’m sure you’ve heard of the numerous acid attack cases that happen nowadays. I would strongly recommend that you let your parents know everything. They would surely get very angry for a while but ultimately you would be be doing the right thing. Whatever rituals you went through at the temple don’t matter, contrary to what they show in tv serials. Just on the basis of those rituals he CANNOT call you his wife. And even if you did sign some papers, I’m sure your parents will find a way out. DO NOT get this marriage registered in court. Please take my advice and tell your parents, please.

I’ll be waiting to hear from you. Do let me know what you decided as I would be worried about you.

Take care.