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nilfa wrote:
I am Nilfa , studying in 9th standard . I am 14 years old . Till last month i was good at studies but from last month I am not able to concentrate ! How so ever hard I try i cannot understand my subjects . Nowadays my mind is always busy in stupid things like friends and social networking…

Dear Nilfa,

What you’re going through happens to a lot of people. I would suggest that you visit a psychiatrist in your area and get tested for depression. There is nothing to worry about. Sometimes due to a chemical imbalance we start to get these spells of low mood etc. and we cannot control them without medicines. Just like for fever you need to take Crocin/Paracetamol and then also antibiotics to remove the infection, similarly for such chemical imbalances in the brain we need to take medicines sometimes. With the right treatment you will feel better real soon.

Take care,