RE: Welcome!



dear ms.prachi,
i am a mother of a one year old daughter and belongs to a good husband has his own business firm and we live quite a comfortable life without major complexes.
the problem i have lies with me.i have a serious problem of laughing at inappropriate times.especially this happens when i have conversations with my husband.sometimes he seeks business advise from me because everyone says that i am a good advisor but most of the time i start laughing a t the middle of the converstaion and it ends with a big question mark? my husband says he is annoyed and irritated by my habbit and i feel that i am losing his respect day by day.
although it happens mostly with my husband it happens with other people too.sometimes when im on the phone giving directions to someone i feel like s that bad.
i badly want to stop this habbit and ive read and tried so many methods to do so.
i really dont know why this happens even though this has been thre wthin me on certain instances since i was schooling.
if iam to read a prayer infront of a crowd or just infront of my falimy i cant do that ever because i start laughing.
so this has evolved in to a serious problem with me and im scared that i have a mental problem.
please help me and guide me on what i should do.