RE: What is “Smart” ?



Hi Gayatri,

Very well said indeed.

Being yourself is more important than being smart. And interestingly, when we are forced to be (or act) smart, we look and feel dumb while being ourselves makes us really smart. ;)

Niket_raut2003 wrote:
Dear Prachi

I am Niket Raut working as a finance manager, I have a daughter of 4 years old. She is naughty at home but she is very quite and did’t speak at her school, she don’t like to mix up with other children. I think she has very low self confidence. Please help me how i should bust up her confidence.

Hi Niket,

Hope you will receive Prachi’s reply soon. But meanwhile I would like to suggest a few things regarding your daughter.

I think that the best way to instill self-confidence in a child is to accept her unconditionally with all her ‘good’ and ‘not-so-good’ traits. Accepting and loving her as a unique person with unique talents and gifts is a great way the parents can make their child feel good and confident about themselves.

You shouldn’t blame her for her ‘weaknesses’ or flaws. Instead should always focus on her strengths and encourage her to develop her strong and positive aspects.

You should ‘see’ or ‘visualize’ about her in your mind the way you would like her to be. Relaxed and comfortable with her natural self, feeling and behaving in a self-assured and self-confident manner with everyone, happy, healthy and enjoying her life.

All this will help her feel better and she will actually start becoming the way you visualized her in your mind.

Have a nice day.