RE: what type of relation is this


rainfall wrote:
its realy a big confusion.. my husband is very possesive ,protective too but not a supportive person for me..most of time i feel that i m i m living like a single person..what kind of relation is this.. Conditions are- got arrange marriage 5year ago,we have a 4year daughter,i m in a job and my husband is free but independent,he used to try to realize myself as i m neither a good wife nor a mother..

Hi ,

Have you ever sat with your husband and talk about this ? what did he say ? Did you bring him to his notice that his way of behavior hurts you ? He should be having some answer. So keep yourself calm and try to communicate with him to find the root cause. If he doesn’t respond you may either wait for some time for which you need patience else you can call elders for the family so that they can try finding the cause. Also confirm apart from this ie. no emotional support is he alright ? or do you see any changes?