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chaks8989 wrote:
Hi, my name is Ramesh Shastri from Bangalore. On April 2012 I got married (arranged marriage) and just recently I came to know that my wife had an affair and was in relationship for almost 3 years with a guy and had physical relations and even got pregnant but later aborted. Now my inner feelings are not ready to accept her as my wife. I loved her very much, even she did (god knows). I can’t decide what to do? Why she agreed to marry someone if she is in relationship? I enquired here did anyone forced you to marry me but she said NO. I am getting depressed day by day. Why this happened to me, how to overcome with this. If I leave her, am I being able to live life normally? What will happen if we continue the relationship? What guarantee that she will be with me forever?

Please suggest me….. I really need some practical solution.

Hey chaks,

Its very normal to behave for any individual going through with such a problem in life. The primary thing which u need to focus on is to accept the fact that your wife is over with her past relationship. Instead of thinking about why it happend to and cursing yourself look for how to curb the problems. As u said your wife loves you then focus on the present not the past. Because digging your past means digging a graveyard for urself. So talk to her and tell all your feelings regarding the issue sway like a wind. Tell and ask her all the feelings of her as well.
Secondly, bring intimacy between each other by spending more time with each.

Try on these techniques then would gradually move to other.

So looking forward for your positive life.