RE: Why I an like this?? I want my relation to heal


dimplekarangupta wrote:
Hi all,
I am Dimple.. I am in relationship with this guy for 6 years ( effectively 4 years).. we met online… In between this duration he ditched me once.. He went to Pune for studies and started a affair with a girl.. they intimated.. When I came to kno about it, I started to ask why he has done it.. He told that he didnt love me, he will marry that gal.. and I used to call him.. I didnt want to loose him.. dheere dheere I calmed down.. and suddenly he came in my life and tell me sorry.. I forgive him without any second thought..
After that we had very good relation but I always have a fear that will we get married?? As his mom will not accept me as I have hole in my heart and Pulmonary hypertension due to this Pregnancy is risky for me..
I always tell him that I want to marry him at any cost but he says that he too want but on the acceptance of his parents only and if his parrent would not be ready, he will leave me.. At this point we have fight, and I too satrted to use abusive words to him that he will never become a father as he would not marry be just because for a child issue.. and due to this His feelings for me is decreasing day by day and he is saying that he doesnt love me any more, He is with me as he has a pity on me…
I understand everything but I am helpless.. I cant live without him.. What should i do???
In all of this duration we were in long distance relationship and met 9-10 times

Hi ,

It is very clear that he doesn’t deserve your love . So even if you marry him it will not stay longer I would say. so please forget him . Concentrate on better things , keep yourself calm and happy. One day or very soon you will definitely find a suitable match. May God bless you !