RE: Why I an like this?? I want my relation to heal



I am nt expert but don’t mind you are ruining your own life and that too happily. You have made yourself puppet in the hands of ur boyfriend. And I don’t fi d him wrong at all. It is you who have chosen to be unhappy. Your problem is that you are insecure and you fear that if you will break up with this guy, you will not get another love in life. And so you just don’t wantnto leave him. Dear please see life more purposeful than just hurting urself. Moving ahead in life and living a more fruitful life which you truly deserve is more important. Initially it would hurt but later you would reaslise that your life has so many new things and relations to explore. Don’t stuck yourself with this guy.. live ur life and let him live his. Be strong and lead ur emotions. Don’t waste ur life just like that… until n unless you will remove the clouds of this relation, you will not get a clear vision of whats ahead.
And its just an excuse that I can’t live without him or her. Seriously believe me no one’s life end due to leaving an already dead relation. In fact it would give you a new life. Think about it before its too late. Good luck.