NehaSharma wrote:
Please help ! I am suffering from extreme stress and what makes the situation worse is that I am pregnant. It is affecting my health a lot. My problem revolves around my husband and in-laws. The relationship between me and my husband was never a smooth one right from the start. Before we got married he tortured me because of his possessiveness. I lost all friends and my social life was hell. After marriage his attitude changed. He constantly lied and discussed our personal issues behind my back with in-laws and friends. He even cheated on me. We used to have arguments and fights. Everytime he got away with his lying and convinced his and my parents that I was to blame for our issues.
Whenever I try to talk about our issues, he ignores me and the discussion usually ends in a fight with him complaining about me to in-laws and my parents. I am deeply hurt by his attitude. Absolutely nothing is personal between us. He is backed by his parents while my parents hush me up every time so as to save my marriage. I am starting to feel that he has started taking advantage of this fact. Things got worse recently when he crossed the line and hit me in my fifth month of pregnancy. While this time also our families resolved things and convinced me to go back to him,what is disturbing me is the fact that he out rightly denied the hitting and had no remorse over what he has done. I feel traumatised. His parents believe him and have started acting weirdly with me. I am not able to take the stress and cannot forget the incident. Moreover, I have sealed my lips because whatever I say is used against me. I don’t even have the freedom to cry and express myself. I feel like crying all the time and want to end my life. I feel worthless and my self-esteem is deeply hurt. Please help.


I am so sorry to learn about your difficult situation. I my personal view- If you can define your problem in such a good manner, you are well educated by Indian standards and capable to take good care of yourself and the baby. don’t punish that innocent life for the deeds of your husband or in-laws. Go to your parent’s place if you do not feel safe. Share the situation with your loved ones, and have little faith in the supreme power. After all hardships, he is going to reward you with a beautiful gift. Cheer up girl, life may not be easy, but its worth it.