Stay calm or pursue my wish by going away ?



We got married recently and I am 24 yrs old.
I was working before marriage and as my husband is in abroad, I had to quit my job and travel along with him.
He was encouraging me to pursue my career by going to job before our marriage but after marriage he has totally changed that he says no to job/work. All that I have to do is relax at home and do household chores. Even though I accept this and move forward I sometimes feel so bored at home.
I get this feeling that I am not building my personality traits which is to gain knowledge by working.
As I have completed my engineering I feel not to waste my knowledge and time.
He is totally against this and he says family life is so important than work. He says If go to work I would neglect family life by not taking care of the home. We do not have childrens now but still he feels the same. People please suggest me something that I can do about this as I am really depressed. I do not want to divorce or something like that. I tried working from home option but he denied that as well.

Is there something I can do to keep me engaged?