Always angry at anyone including parents and friends

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I'm anil studying BCA in Vijaya college, Bangalore. I being always angry at anyone including parents and friends in which they neglect me, parents like that I should always have friends at home town but they teach vulgars something so I stopped calling friends at home, now my neighbour boy gives a scope of having friends so my mom gets jealous at them n keeps on scolding me that I'm a gay/moron being alone. The only thing is that I don't bring boys near my home where every neighbour says that I'm alone and this also affects me in studies where father drunk n feels ashamed at me where I become very angry and he kicks me out of the home where I walk alone in the road and till he sleeps, I have to wait in the night. At college too people don't keep much friendship with me coz I always think of my future, so please solve my problem and teach me in a way that I should not be alone n parents should not compare me with others, I should study in such a way that others should feel that I'm very helpful to them. I hope sir /mam will solve my problem where I think you are the god in nature to help those who are in need. 

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