Hesitate to talk to boys in my college

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Sir i am a m.b.b.s. student. Till i completed my school days i was brought up in a very safe environment. I wont even go out of my house those days. I just hesitate to talk to boys. When i entered my college one year before i just want to come out of my village ideas. So i just started to talk friendly with my college boys. But sir one boy among became very close to me. It means we just talked a lot in whatsapp. I felt like a heaven when i talk with him. Without my own conscious i just started loving him. One day i proposed him thinking that he too loved me. But things are vice versa. I was not in his heart.He didn't accept it. But after that sir he took slide shots of my chat and sent to everyone. All the college students started to mock at me and they began to talk behind to me. I hate my life sir. I luv god sita devi to the core.i wished to lead my like in her way. But people here just killing me with their words.plz tell me some solution sir? 

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