I always very much tensed and feel stress for every small issues

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Sir, I am Gopinath M studying B.Tech.(Food Technology) 3rd year. I want to know how to become emotionally very strong. I always very much tensed and feel stress for every small issues. My main problem is I am very attached with my family. If any thing happens wrong in my family though the problem is very small I will be in very stress condition. My father is highly reserved and wont mingle with other relatives but my mother is completely opposite. If any dispute arises between them they will shout on each other but after 1 or two days all will become normal but by seeing them though they become normal and happy I cannot forget all the things happened. I remember all the disputes happened between them since my childhood. I always get those thoughts in my mind and I recollect all the incidents happened every time and I always feel sad about them though they are normal. Please suggest me how to come out from all these and be cool if anything happens and to become strong emotionally.

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