I am scared and stressful my own negative reactions scare people

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How do I respond to stressful events, or emotions I feel in a way that does not harm me physically /mentally/emotionally?

I am scared my own negative reactions scare people off, affect my relationships negatively or cause them to not work out, but worst of all have a major negative and could even be life threatening impact as I feel the anger/stress in my whole body and I have been told by my family doctor to cut the stress, but it's how I react to life (a pattern) and I have tried all types of meditations, counselling, etc. 

To stop it but I am good until I get triggered, or feel disrespected, manipulated, used, judged, my boundaries crossed, taken for granted, treated unfairly, or someone trying to lower my self-esteem or make me feel small or is insulting or emotionally abusive towards me. 

Then I want to fight back like a lion which any normal human being would want to but while I want to fiercely stand up for myself I don't want to feel so drained, so tired, and so much discomfort physically that I have been told puts me at risk of cancer now based on at test they did; I need to handle life's stresses differently, in conflict situations I get triggered. How can I not repeat the patterns? I don't want to; it's hurting me, my relationships, my health, please help. 

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