ADHD or just a dumb brain?

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    Dakshta Sharma

    Hello to anyone who is reading this.

    My name is Dakshta (duh, look at my username), I’m 18 years old and I live with my mother (she’s a single parent). Now before you read my next words I want you to know that I’m not exactly that great with words when I try to explain my experience or my emotions or anything of that matter. So I might not be able to tell you the whole story that well.. but I’ll try my best.

    I have always been really talkative and hyper. That is not a big thing because most of the kids are that way and as they grow up their talkative and hyper nature calms down. In my case, it didn’t. In fact instead of getting better, things kept going down the hill. And not only that affected my behavior but also my academic performance took a really bad turn. Being a single parent, my mother did what most parents would do; she tried everything she could to get me back on track. Nothing worked. My fellow indians must have had heard an old saying, “Laato kai bhoot baato sai nahi maantai”. Yup, even that was tried but much to everyone’s disappointment it did not help either. I still remember the day when my mother had asked me why my academic performance (or any performance for that matter) was so bad, and I remember crying and telling her I don’t know what’s wrong with me. Things got so bad that I ended up failing in my 6’th standard’s exams. By that time mum had had enough of this drama; I was pulled out of the school because apparently I was just wasting the money and not giving any results. Not that I blame her.

    It has been I think 5-6 since then and after that I have been trying to learn things on my own through internet. But nothing helps. I keep forgeting pity things of the daily routine life, never stay still in one place for more than a few minutes, whenever I start something I never finish it (no matter how important it might be), I lack self confidence, I end up saying or doing thing on impulse without meaning to do it, my brains never stops at one thought; Its almost like a car that has no brakes in it… and fed up of hearing same words again and again, “You have so much potential, why don’t you work hard enough”, “Why are you so lazy?”, “Why do you work so slowly?”… And on the top of all that, I have been trying to fight off depression and suicidal thoughts on my own for almost 3 years now. With each passing day I’m changing drastically, becoming way too emotional and sometimes even violent, lets not even get started about the mood swings…

    Is it really ADHD? I could go to a psychiatric for a test but living in a small town, that too in india, and then going to visit a shrink kind of writes “Nut case over here” in big bold letters on ones forehead. 

    If anyone who is reading this knows what is wrong with me then please do tell, because if I have to spend one more day like this.. I’ll definitely go nuts.



    Hi dakshata it is not seems like big matter for others but i know how will u strugle from this . So try to get the the things better and try again.



    You can be descreete. Just google online for psychiatrist in india in your nearby place. You can call and book an appointment and visit them without anybody knowing it. Or see a doctor furthur away from your residential area so nobody will know anything.

    If you are able to spend around rs 2000 for a Thyroid profile (T3, T4, TSH), then please do! Because hypothyroidism causes symptomps like laziness (lethargy), less attentive span, decreased mental performance, suicidal thoughts. (This is not a priority, but if you want you can do this alongside.)

    Please seek professional help because there are many drugs (pharmaceutical drugs) that can help bring your mind and body to optimum level.

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