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    naman kumar khicha

    i am 21 yrs old and a college student .I have been receiving psychiatric treatment from past 7 yrs mainly bcause of depression and ocd. Ever since i was young i knew that im different than others. I always felt in my life that no one can understand my problems and thoughts and all my friends,teachers and parents label me as a lazy,selfish and arrogant child but i can never understand why. All my past years i have always tried to explain others my problems but was always unable to. I could never understand in my whole life ever since my childhood that why i am like this. Recently i read about ADHD and was shocked to learn that all my problems which i felt and sensed abnormal about me have a name. I could never sit still in a class or coaching or even at a place where others can easily sit and because of this i have avoided going to my tutions. And others always tell me that despite of having potential i am ruining my life(a comment that i have received from all my teachers since my childhood). I cannot understand why they are saying this or what they meant to say. From past 6-7 yrs i have always tried to know what was wrong with me but couldnot. But i have known that all my behaviour is due to my father who himself has the same problem.Even my younger sister who is 14 is showing same signs just like me and becoming very depressive in nature and antisocial like me. A year ago i left my psychiatric treatment because my doctor said that i am doing this purposefully and even he blamed me. All my peers say that i am normal and just another case of depression which normally happen in teenage. But i always knew that this is not the right thing. I don’t know how to explain others about ADHD as no one seems to understand.I have suffored all my life due to lack of concentration and my nature which no one will understand. I don’t knew why i always speak too much or in between unknowingly. Even some of my friends tell me that i should act before thinking.But i cannot understand them and don’t know what they are saying. I have always felt ashamed even in front of people who dont know me because i have developed the feeling that i am not a good person and all my problems is because of my behabiour. Throughout my life i have critised myself on everything.My parents have reported to my doctor that i have sleep problems and angry outbursts. But all i knew that this is part of my problem. Ever since i was a child i used to forget things and tasks because of which i am scolded. I dont know what to do or react or tell others because even if i try they will end up telling me that i should be serius or should work hard. This problem has risen so much that from past 4-5 years i have been an absentee in my school or college or coachings despite of getting good marks. My teachers and family members say that i have low self esteem and lack of willpower but don’t know how to tell them my problems because i am not able to communicate them properly. I know that all these are the symptoms of ADHD but i am feeling hopeless and helpless to tell this to others as others will go on telling me that i am just doing this purposefully and i have no problem. I need help and advice because this thing have affected my father and sister too and i know that even they can’t do anything.



    Dear Naman,

    It is unfortunate that people around you cannot understand ADHD because it is now one of the very common problems that children go through. Although you do feel that all your symptoms match ADHD, still I cannot maek a diagnosis just based on your description until you have been examined face to face. Can you tell me which city u live in? May be I can recommend a better doctor for you?

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