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    I am 23 going 24 this year. I graduated from uni and have been working for the last 6 months as a full term staff.

    I am extremely sensitive and self-conscious. Constantly worried about people’s opinions and judgement on me. This excessive worrying has resulted in me being a mute, very sensitive, super self-conscious and totally not socializing at all at work. When my colleagues are talking/chit chatting, or sth idk happens, my emotions starts to run high. I tried to control my emotions from reacting to my negative thoughts. But the more i try to control, the worse it gets. I assumed myself getting bitch. End up, my frequency increases and I react on my emotions all the time now. My emotional vibes are so strong and i cant controlled it that I become depressed, pressurised, quiet, anti-social, not happy.

    Before this full time job, i did an internship for 9 weeks at a company with bad culture and working environment. The experience was so bad that i was constanlty crying, being sensitive, quiet etc. I made my colleagues dislike me so much that they bitch abt me all the times. After the intership ended, i locked myself at home, cry to myself and often staring at the wndow.

    I became more myself again when sch started and when i am with my schmates. But the internship has led to a pemanemt impact in me.

    I distrust my friends, needless to say my colleagues. I draw lines to distance myself from them in order to protect myself. Along with family problems (i dont confide my problems with my family, they will just say hurtful words), i am constantly exploding emotionally to friends. And i end up with no true friends because i explode (they found me a tiring friend). Now, i dont trust anyone and likes to draw this distance line as i know the ppl out there are fake, superficial etc.

    Pls help as i cant help/control my emotions, anxiety at work. I am an uptight person to begin with. Its affecting my working relationships with my colleagues. They interpret my emotional vibes wrongly and i kena bitch. I am not emotional strong also. How to solve this?



    Hi, the only thing u r worrying more is not abt urself but for others. If u kn u r doing a right job in right way den there is no matter of feeling guilty. You are not getting anything from others to hav fear on them. Most of the people will always talk negative things of a person only so we should not listen or care for such a stupid things. Always remember whatever u r doing is for urself only, nobody can help u for that or going to come with u all the time. Always be positive in doing every work. Its ur life, u r the only person who can make it beautiful so don’t care or take the things who simply talks about u..

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