Am i getting mentally unstable – Need help

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    Hi every one….

    My name is joe and I am come here cause I really need help….

    I am Mumbaikar for last 40 yrs. Completed graduation here itself…

    Childhood was bad as my parents use to fight everyday due to which I was always frightened. Reason for that I came to know 3 yrs back was my mom who had relation with other man. Dad was alcoholic who died in 2008. Dad was a seaman working on ship.

    Got married 2000.. then after some years came to know she was having affair with my friend when I use to work in aboard (5 yrs). She has put a mental harassment case in court for my flat which belongs to my mom and thrown me out of house.

    Currently living with mom who too doesn’t want me to stay.

    Yesterday my friend whom I was knowing for last 25 yrs died in car accident along with his wife.

    I just knew him not so closely, spoke to him once in a month as his shop was next to my house.

    His existence didn’t have any impact of life but his death is troubling me.

    His death has made me totally blank… I cant think anything apart of him…

    Can someone can help me in this Y this is happening to me… Am I getting mentally unstable.





    Hi joe you said your frd is died in accident, life is like that only. When we will go out of the world nobody knows it. The only thing we should do is just doing our own work in good way. As u r not having gud life from your childhood itself, it has effected u lot. When u know about your wife then just talk with her for last time about to live life in good manner other wise it is gud to leave her..

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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