Am I suffering from Avoidant Personality Disorder (AVDT)?

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    Hello doctor
    umm well its like right now am not going through a great time.
    My story is really long and i dont want to jumble all up in here so first if please could you just help me with my doubts, i’ll make everything clear to you eventually.
    About me so am 19 years old and just passed my school, i mean class 12.
    I want to know what my prob is. In short run it appears to be severe depression but somewhat i think, a disease called avoidant personality disorder (avdt), through what i’ve realised through all of my extensive research over the net. I do it a lot often when i really get frustated with myself or to distract my thoughts.
    Sorry its going really long. Well following are some of my symptoms, if you can analyse and tell me what’s wrong with me, i really would be grateful to you

    * I became reluctant to talk to people even though i used to talk a lot.
    * I always feel everything negative about myself. Looks+behaviour
    * I keep thinking about the embarrasing things i’ve done in the past and what people think about them.
    * Mood swings are really common.
    * Became really obessed about what others think about me.
    * I isolated myself for months now.
    * My girl, i love her a lot and she knows that though we’re not committed but i didnt even talk to her for months just because i am so afraid of getting rejected by her.
    * My annual result went so down that i was the class toper in 10 but in 12 i didnt score so well to get admitted to a good college.
    * During last two school years, i used to react aggressively against criticism and now i react self-critically.
    * I keep myself quite in fear of saying something embarrassing.
    * I compare myself with everyone and finds myself the worst.
    * Frequent suicidal thoughts.
    * Day dreaming(usually unreasonable).
    * Cant sleep(hardly 4 hrs).
    * Restlessness+severe headaches+irritation(specially night time).
    * Urges to do something great and to change myself for being perfect.
    * etc.
    And the worst thing is i know all this but still cant help myself getting better. Hope you understand and help me soon. I really will be greatful to you always. Thanks in advance :)

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