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    I am a very ambitious girl but very unfortunate one because I was born in this family.
    Am 27 yrs old and jobless ….I cud’ nt study after 12 th.
    My mother wants me to do a job in which educational qualification is nt required ,but in that exams I always fail
    She is forcing me to get married now,my father does’nt even bother to think about this …. Rather he looks at me with his dirty looks,stares at my private parts,I can’t stand his looks nd so I don’t stand there where he is,I told this to my mom but instead of believing me she told me ,I will send you to some hostel if u hate ur father so much.i don’t talk to my father almost never.
    She wants me to talk to him.
    I do a lot for my family,though my father is such a bad person I still care for him,I hv written research papers for him( by searching on net) and they all got accepted also,I wrote it for my mom also which was accepted wherever I sent,but they don’t give me credit for tis,not a single word of thx.
    Rather today my mother abused me with bad words.and I cried a lot when I was alone ,felt like commiting suicide.i am very unfortunate .do you think is there any hope left for me anywhere?
    Also I want to do something in my life,make a career for myself,and don’t want to get married until I make a career,but mummy does’ nt believe me,she says u r overage now,we will get u married by nov.

    Usually I hate thes words but sometimes I feel relieved that maybe after marriage a new door of hope gets opened for me,I feel independent not locked.

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