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    Hi ,

    This is Nathan.I would like to explain the situation that i am in first before my question.
    I am 28 now.I attended the course for Engineering from 2004 to 2008. Till now i have not cleared all the exam papers. I have 4 more papers left to get my graduation degree. I started working as soon as i completed my course in 2008, been working since. While at work i am trying to clear my exams.From 2010 its just 4 papers i have to clear and believe me i have enough time to prepare, got help from private tutors, students etc. Me as well as my parents want the degree very bad and have been supportive.I am in a phase now where my exams are going on. This is what happens everytime. I take a long leave for a month, just go to tuitions,take notes, motivate myself to study and don’t prepare at all for my exams.I find one excuse or the other to distract myself either my surfing net, doing my job in b/w, watching movies or sleeping though the whole day. Because of this habit my work life, personal relationships, career is going for a toss. On the day of exam, instead of writing it , I just freak out and end up not writing it. this drama has been going on for more than 5 years now…………Please help.

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