Anger and Obsession

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    Im a 25 year old girl but i have this issue concerning my boyfreind..we are in a relationship since 8 months and both of us came together because both of us had gone through a break up and our partners left us..I started consoling him and he became very attatched and we came in a relationship.The problem now is that he is extremely possessive about me and doesnt want me to talk to any boy but since i am with him i find out he still trys to contact his ex gf which really hurts me.WHen i get angry and say i will leave him because of him betraying me he goes hyper and does abnormal things in public which are unacceptable in society and says dont leave me else he will continue doing so and he says he will do anything to any extent but he wont let me leave he emotionally tortures me so i stay with him.I love him a lot but i am confused he is obsessed about me and wont leave me,he cries like a crazy person that i should not leave him but at the same time betrays me and he even physically abuses me when he is angry and becomes insesitive to my pain but as soon as his anger lowers down he asks me to forgive him and asks me to hit him back…i love him a lot and want him to recover…but i am confused if he loves me so much why does he betray me and if he still wants his ex then why doesnt he leave me…i need to cure him and i think he has some mental problem please do help me.thank u

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