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    Dear Sir/mam,

    I am 25 yrs old male living in Delhi with my parents. My problem is I get angry for almost no reason. I have no control over my actions when I get angry. It’s affecting every one in the house. I feel very bad after things that I say and do and regret them. I try not to loose my temper but can’t hold it together for very long. I tend to say and do things that a son is not supposed to. I take most of things negatively. I have had this problem from a very long time. Usually after an incident wherein I lose my temper I could control my self for a good 1 month but now every other day I endup fighting with every one in the family. I love every one at home but I don’t know how to express them even kid sis. I am always ready to start a fight with some one and at times I feel content when.I fight. I don’t know what’s wrong with me !

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