Angry for being used by a women and want to take revenge

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    I am 42, A sr. Exec. in a SW MNC. I was working in company XX in Kolkata where during chat I met a women.. We exchanged phone nos. She also send me her pics.. She is beautiful and she told she is divorced. I told her I am married and hv 2 kids.. I ws in Kolkata for about 8-9 months and we spoke 4-5 times over phone and never met.

    I changed the company in 2010 and came to Bangalore…in 2011 my fmly had gone to native and I was alone and I contacted her.. Even after leaving kolkata I used to tk to her once in a while. Since my fmly ws not there we used to chat till late in the night and talk. I asked her if she will come to Bangalore to meet me.. She agreed.. I sent her flight tkts and she came to Bangalore… We spend 3 days, and for me it was a new lease of life after 12 years of marriage. We went physical.. My intention was to just enjoy her…She told me that she left her husband in 2008 and she also has a 11 years old daughter and after that she had a one night stand and a live in.. While leaving Bangalore I told her I hv a friend and he is also divorcee.. If you want see if anything can happen between both of u and gave her his number.

    Same time she was working for 12K job in Kolkata and looking for a change. She is very smart, Beautiful, Intelligent, Excellent english.. so I told her I have an opening and I can give you a job… Sh was undecided as the job was in Delhi… So after she left in about weeks time she agreed to take up the job.. So before the job I called her again and this time in Delhi.. Again spent about 3 days with her.. and then I gave her the job.. in the mean while she made contacts with my friend whose number I had given him.

    She came to Delhi Joined and started dating my friend and at the same time she was seeing me as well and we continued out physical relationship. I became possessive and asked her to discontinue dating my friend.. She agreed…

    In the mean time we kept on meeting every 1.5/2 months at various cities in the country and I started spending too much money on her… so from 12K her salary became 55K and over and above I used to spend about 50K per month on her… I used to take care of everything.. All flights( She must have taken almost 50 flights in the last 2.5 years), expensive cloths, expensive cosmetics, perfumes, AC, TV, I gifted her a brand new car on her birthday.. and it was not only money.. i used to be like 24/7 dedicated to her smallest to biggest needs.

    She used to tell me she wants to come out of the relationship and she does not have any feelings for me, and this topic always used to come to the point that quit the job and go and then she used to some how stay back. In the mean time she also had 2-3 affairs which she told me and I asked her to discontinue. I had access to all her mails, FB, Bank accounts, Credit card.. phone bills.. everything… In a way I showd her the world and changed her world upside down. in 2 years I must have spend 10 lakhs on her apart from her salary.

    But I had doubts that i delhi she is dating someone.. One day i pinged her on BBM and she did not reply… although she read the message.. one or 2 msgs she replied also after I asked her what happened, but after long delay.. so I guesses she muct have gone on date with someone… I blasted her and next day she is like it’s over.. let’s end this..

    She resigned.. and we almost stopped talking…. While she was serving her notice period her boss changed…so 3-4 days before her last working day she spoke to her new boss and withdrew her resignation.

    I felt very agitated… That is what she wanted to have the job but not to have relationship with me…

    Now recently I was talking to my same friend ( We always avoided talking about her)and I was shocked to know that she had relationship with him and lived in with him for 3 months, and then also she had live in with another guy, and probably couple of more… and more over now she knows that I have come to know about all this but still she refuses to apologize, or say sorry to me…

    Now she doesn’t talk to me.. Doesn’t take my phone, doesn’t reply to my mails.. and I can not do anything.. She is working also in the company… I can not go and tell the management as I will also loose my job… So I want to ruin her life but I am feeling completely helpless… Please advice how to I satisfy my ego….

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