aNXIETY and Too much stress, Heart racing

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    Hi Everyone, I am very depressed I came to US to finish MS and make money and then go back home and stay happily with my family. The core reason I came to US is that my girlfriend came to US and she wanted me to come here, as soon as I landed here she dumped me. Apart from this I have health issue called GERD which took away the life out of me for last 6 years. I am getting teh surgery done by end of this year. But the anxiety is killing me making me feel i am fit for nothing and I do not know how to respond to this. I am unable to sleep nopt able to eat. i just wanna run away from my self cause I am teh one causing so much pain to myself. Please help.



    Hi Kranthi,

    We can help you with the anxiety but I think we should talk about this in detail. Please drop me an email at [email protected] and we can talk about this further.



    Hi this is a precious life that we all have, nobody is have rights on ur life so don’t depend ur self on any. I can understand that she hurts u a lot but think once again still u have many loving people who will expect anything frm u instead they wants u to be happy in ur life. So be confident on urself….

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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