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    I randomly get these feelings that I can’t breathe…like im not getting enough oxygen. Last night I woke up gasping for air. It is almost as if I would start to fall asleep and I’d quit breathing, is this sleep apnea or anxiety? Once id wake up i would start shaking like I was freezing and once i got my breathing under control i could doze off. It happened about 5 times I have been diagnosed with anxiety but I havent had the money until now to get my medication. Im scared I have a brain tumor or that something very serious is wrong with me. Im scared I am going to die… HELP. I am a 19 year old female. Other symptoms I have are: being light headed (feeling drunk) heart racing, weird sensation behind my eyes, fear of dying, shaking, feeling like I cant breathe enough, arms get heavy(almost like they arent mine).. am I crazy?



    Hi nothing to worry its happens with the people of certain ages. Everybody will feel like this in their life. It is just a fear you have. Can u tell me is you saw recent death of any or attended funerals ?

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