attitude and love life problems of a teenager

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    hello doctor..
    I am a female(age 17) and a grade 12 student basically from Mumbai.I want to know if I have attitude problems..for my parents and friends seldom complaint about my rude beahviour towards them..even if it is seldom am worried as it may affect my future. I myself dont think if I behave rudely with people around me..actually it depends in the situation ..I react according to the situation.

    Another problem I’ve got is about my love life. I had a big crush on a guy in my school. I never thought of approaching him never did i think so! But to my bad luck my best friend informed him about my love to him. He did not reject me completely but he said that he had undergone a breakup recently and was yet to get over with it.(this all happen in the month of August,2013)after that he used to chat with me for many days..I think he wanted t get to know more of I didnt stop myself from replying to his texts..I would wait for his texts and it would be the happiest day of my life if he would’ve replied to my text..and we did not meet until January..In the month of January we had a reunion at our school…I saw him but could not approach or raise my voice to talk to him :( I dont know I just could not do that! After some time in the party he approached me..He asked if I had forgotten him..and I dont know what happened to me..I just did not pay any attention to him…I did not give him a single reply to his questions…my brain said me to do so..i dont know what happened to me!! he then just went from there saying that I was giving off attitude!! but that was not the truth…I could not just withstand him…after I returned from the party I immediately updated my whatsapp status to “One more eye contact and you make me fall in love with you…again!!!” i dont know if he read my status or no…but he deleted his account :( i was damn frustrated …but the next day I recieved a text msg from him which said ” whatever hurdles you face in ur life, u’ll not face them alone, I’ll always be there for you :)
    I dont reallly know what does this mean..:( after some days I just thought to myself that why I was wasting my time for a guy who would never like me…after nearly a month all his friends who used to regulary update me about him stopped talking to me :( i feel so f****ddd :'(
    now I’ve to appear my boards and I’m 24 hrs jst thinkng aout him…
    do you think I’m abnormal?? should I personally consult a doctor?? I’ve not ever openly talked ever to anyone…not even my best friend…she rather does not know the half story bout me..:(
    still I like that guy and want to be his gf…but I dont want to keep pestering him like a despo…I think that made me to ignore him when he came up to talk to me…:( :(
    such a dumb I am!!
    please help me doctor..please suggest some ways o me of overcoming this issue and prob with my attitude!! _/_
    Mumbai, India


    ruchika gupta

    u rnt dumb …..I m 18 yrs old….trust me this is not an abnormal attitude bt keep in mind … your attitude only there where it is needed….frnship and attitude don’t go hand in hand….three things destroy frnship…1- attitude…. 2-formalities ….3-breaking promises…. it dosent matter if he likes you or vice versa…..but it is important that u people are frnz first than anything else….few months later you’d laugh at yourself thinking about ur behavior….

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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