Attracted to Bhabhi (who is married)

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    Hi Friends !

    One of my friend who lives on rent in Faridabad is attracted to his Bhabhi (wife of friend, who is elder to him) who also live on rent on the same floor.
    He is not able to concentrate on his studies because of this issue. He has very good relationship with the house owner & his parents also know the landlord very well. He can’t share this with anyone but he is always thinking about her & unable to focus on his studies. It’s the time for placement in our college & he also have to appear for many competitive exams.

    Please give a suitable solution .



    Hi is it really ur frd prblem? Its ok first he should leave that place as i think his mind is not under his control.



    Hi Swarup !

    Thanks for your reply. But he can’t leave that place. He is living there from last 3.5 years & when he asked the landlord to leave that place, the landlord told him to stay there for free of cost till he completes his graduation.

    He cannot share this issue with anyone & is really in great trouble. Please suggest a practical solution.



    Studying in a closed room boosts your
    productivity and eases any distractions.
    Try thinking about your parents’ happiness
    after getting a good result.
    Do not worry too much. If you’re feeling
    panicky while studying, take a deep breathe,
    read the notes and try to process &
    understand the information.
    Sleep well and have your day scheduled.
    Knowing that you have can have a break
    after an hour, or maybe two hours can
    motivate yourself to work hard. Working hard
    makes the time seem to go faster.
    Have healthy brain foods to help you
    Never wallow in panic! Instead, focus on
    the step in front of you, and complete that
    task. And then go on to the next step. Think
    positively, and be determined to score a
    good grade.

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