aur bhi gam hain zamane me mohobbat k siwa

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    i want ppl to argue in this matter..i knw love is part of life which i gav a toll to understand..but after being mature year by year i realise lov is mere companionship….i marry guy who had fallen for me like hell…he said he cud leave his parents ..his everythng for me…but plz..hnn…its only sweet vocals…no one does that….m still wd him wd a beautiful child of ours.But i had really seen thick and thin..and best is to go wd flow..wenevr i tried to go against the flow…is hit myself on my heart.

    there r so many things to b in a relationship..i thnk its companionship..and not to forget no body dies for stop saying i will suicide and all…i hate to thnk taht the young gen of this country…who shud lead says we wanna end up ourself…if u r so cheap ..thn sell urself to an baby who need to an oldie who has nobody to talk to.

    really life is not a bed of roses..u hav to gv so many tolls to hav a smooth drive….well as i said..its on wht we thnk positive…to b or not to be in that place…its u in the end who suffers or make best out of ur love..move one if its poss…or stay if its poss….do not end ur precious life coz.YOu ONLY LIVE ONCE..YOLO

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