Bad past memories

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    My mother have a long past (20-25 years ) bad memories in her mind. Her age is 63 years. Now because of that memories she can’t sleep properly, she become short tempered and started crying any time while family discussing. Usually she murmurs all night and repeats old talks. She is not ready to forgot all and this destroys our present. All bad memories also belongs to family. Now after so many years all is going fine in family but that old memories taking effects in present. So please tell me is this possible to remove old memories?:huh:




    Sorry to hear about your mother. She is now 63 and even without a traumatic past, people start to get depressed and agitated at this age. She may definitely be getting troubled about her past because right now all she can do is sit and think about it over and over again. The best you can do right now maybe is to take her to a psychiatrist in your city who can give her some light medication to lessen her anxiety and sadness and hopefully help her sleep better.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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