behavioural problem of grown up son

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    Ashok Varma

    Our adopted child, now 28 year old has been a compulsive liar from early childhood, could never seriously pursue anything, studies, games, and though finally did bachelors in hotel management and is able to get jobs easily, is not able to continue in any job longer than a few days. He has poor logic and reasoning ability, but impresses people in the first few meetings with his “high talk” – thats why he grabs jobs easily. He does not care for others, even those who helped him a lot. so has no friends. His lies and illogical talks get exposed soon and so he prefers to make friend with either older people who treat him as child or children who can’t make out his bluff. He is crazy after girls – to impress them tells all kinds of lies, and when caught and deserted by her, goes in depression. he also does not care for money. if he gets money, would spend it in no time over food, drinks etc. and won’t be bothered if he has to go hungry for the next few days for lack of money. we tried to consult psychiatrists, but he does not cooperate.tells lies to psychiatrist also, and would not attend sessions. We have no idea with whom we should talk and from where to get help. smoker. never violent but sometimes would throw crockery or bang doors. has slashed his wrists a few times but primarily to win our sympathy or that of some girl. Has run away from home several times but always returns on his own after spending two-three days hungry, and on the streets.

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