being dumped by boyfriend… brokeup

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    hi, i was in relationship with a boy since 4 years.
    we are working together we also had physical relations.Now his parents forcefully fixed her relation with a girl of their community. i am a brahmin and he is JAAT.
    he asked me to break up then only bt i didnt, in hope to convince him to go against his family. now he talked to his parents about us & THEY TOTALLY DENIED
    reasons are
    I am elder than him by 5 years
    I am a divorcee & have a daughter
    I am from other caste
    & now still he says he love me but cant marry, also that he will take care of me nd my daughter entire life without a physical relation till I get marry to some other goood guy, but I broke up every contact with him…….

    what should i do now, i just cant live widout him & cant see him with other girl.and i am ready to do every possible god or bad thing to get him.
    but he says that he loves his family more than me…..

    i have contact details of his fiance .

    should i tell her, send her our personal pics???
    should i hate or still love my boyfriend??
    i am confused please help me……I want to get lost

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