Betraying parents??

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    I am 19yrs old… I am in a relationship with a boy whom i love the most… Everything was going well until 3months ago when my mother found some of our pics… And from then on i stay scared all the day and worried if my mom asks me to leave him… Coz she has got a doubt in her mind that i am linked up with a guy…

    And as a result i sometimes feel that i am betraying my parents as i lie to them and hide the truth from them regarding him…

    I dont know how to deal with all these… !!



    Hi komal it is not the real fact about your mother. If she has doubt in you then she will definitely scolded you and She would told u to leave him in that time itself. She has faith in you that you will not going to fall down their image and respect in the society. Can u tell me is they are treating u as same as before?



    Dear Komal

    It is quite natural for ur parents to question u on seeing ur pics. It is a general concern. If you want time to hide the fact then take time. But be sure not to make ur parents feel betrayed. And also be sure about ur relationship. I wouldn’t ask u to make a confession to ur parents but if they are friendly and if u can make them understand, u can say that. And don’t expect that they’d accept ur words all of a sudden but at least u feel u wouldn’t have betrayed them. Or else give all this some time. Tell ur mother a valid reason so that u wouldn’t have to cringe the fact in ur mind with thoughts of betrayal

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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