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    Hello Sir/ Madam, If anyone think that they are patient enough to read this, pls do read this and help me anyway possible

    At the present moment of my life, i have this problem..

    Im a Doctor, ours is a middle class family.. Parents not much educated.. Right from our childhood, my parents struggled to bring me and my brother up with their low income to make us study in a very good school…We did study well, and my parents was so eager to buy a house of their own, but due to excess fees they had to pay for our schools and also rent for our house, they couldn’t get a house of their own… In such way, my parents atlast made me a doctor and my brother an engineer…None of my nephews or niece were much educated than us, and they always were jealous about our family, quoting how my father despite of all this situation brought us up this way in education and also behaviour that me and my brother never talk much and gave respect to all..

    I left home to stay in hostel for 6yrs for my course..

    But within 6 months since my brother joined Engg in other state quite far from our home town, he got sick due to Tuberculosis and my parents again struggled for three years for his treatment shifting him from hospital to hospital… But inspite of all those struggles and sorrows he died….

    That is still a very awful situation in my home..

    But the problem is,

    In the mean time, at the end of my college, i was contacted by my childhood crush in FB, and we just started as friends as usual and ended in Love.. He is from Film industry, Cinematographer.. I must admit that i felt something different and confident in him..

    My parents knew him before 12yrs as he used to come to my neighbour hood to meet his friends, that is how i developed crush on him.. I just fell in love with him, i had a confident that he will look after me well, and also had a freedom of thoughts and speech with him.. He is so jovial and a person of good heart.. He also told me that he had a break up in the past, as the girl left him for another guy who tortured her to be with him..

    He is not educated as me, as im a Doctor, and he lived in a Slum before 10yrs and left that place as it wasn’t good for them to stay..

    I know this all seems creepy, but he does works well and earns a good amount…
    I told my parents about this, and they yelled at me to the highest and all my relatives came to know about this and they started enjoyed inside but pretended that they are so worried… It hurted both my parents and me…

    My BFs house they came to talk to my parents they straight away said no, and my parents started to bring new grooms to my house.. I said im not interested and yet they are not willing for me and they say that i may not be happy with him, he s not educated or not good to look, what would i say to others about my son-in-law’s designation and they keep yelling with all possible things they can say as a parent…

    I can understand their feelings, that im their only hope after my brother’s demise… But im finding it very difficult to give away my love just like that, im really much worried about my BF when i think what if i leave him, how my life would be without him.. He is so much into me, that none of we both can take this…

    But everyone who comes to talk to me keep telling me to look after my parents, and how will they feel, i can understand its not easy for a doctor to get married to a person in Film industry with a Diploma degree… But what should i do in this situation, im much confused and worried about it..

    Pls i chose this site, so that i can atleast get some suggestions to feel better without ruining anyone’s life…

    Thank You



    Pls somebody help me with this…………

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