blind respect for elders

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    Srijeet Choudhury

    India: Why do a lot of Indian people, in general, overly respect parents? Why is child abuse at the hands of parents ignored? Do not answer without reading the question details thoroughly.
    Respect should be earned/deserved irrespective of who you are. Cases of child abuse by parents in India are not given as much importance as in other countries. Some people don’t even consider that it is possible for parents to abuse their children irrespective of how subtle or serious the abuse it.

    Indeed there are a lot of wonderful parents out there who do a lot for their children and who truly deserve the respect and love of their children and of society. This question does not pertain to them.

    There is this culture of accepting parents as “the alpha and the omega” in all cases, which prevents people from objectively analysing issues of child abuse at the hands of parents and critically questioning the actions of parents when their behaviour towards their children is inappropriate.

    An extract from a PubMed report (dated 1992):

    “Comparisons with other studies, such as those by Giovannoni and Becerra, indicate a strong cultural context, which makes transportation of intervention and training across national boundaries questionable. The Indian view holds the child as parental property, subject to discipline as parents find appropriate. Battering of children in India is not seen as detrimental to the child, as it is in the US. Definitions of child abuse in India need to be operationalized.”

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