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    this is with regards to the relationship that i am in. have been dating this guy for the past 9 months. quiet a serious relation. families know about us. the thing is major part of our relation consists of fights. mostly because of misunderstandings. he doubts me and is over possesive. he feels i have changed, which isnt true, and for that he changes towards. for the past few months, he has stopped giving me priority and importance like he gave before. he has stoped telling me about himself and hes problems. and he doesnt interfere in my life like before. he has made our relation more of friendship then love. its really disturbing me as he blames me for this change me. i cant understand what to do.. am scared of just getting frustrated and fed up and giving up now that he has almost given up. he says he doesnt want to put any efforts to make our relation like it was before.

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