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    I have always been a fun loving person. I used to become happy and excited about very small things in life.
    I had a good group in college. we were 4 people in the group. me, deepanshu, bhumit and sharma. Sharma and I were very good friends.
    so close, that we kinda got into a relationship. but that didnt work well, so we broke off.
    after 6-7 months, I got close to bhumit, and ended up in a relationship with him too. I like him a lot. he too did, we were very happy together.
    atleast, I was and he never showed me that he was not happy. his parents didnt know about his talking to me or any other girl.
    after 4-5 months of the start of our relationship, his parents came to know about his being in contact with me.
    his car had an accident, and the person whose car was hit, told his father that there was a girl also in the car,along with 3 other guy friends.
    After that incident, he somehow realised that his parents will never allow us to be together.
    then after sometime he told me another reason of breaking up that he didnt love me.
    then after a months or so, he said that he dont like to be in a relationship. he was not happy then also, and he will never be happy in a relationship.
    he gets frustrated.
    i dont know what is with him. i still like him a lot and cannot get him out of my mind.
    i told this to one of my friend. and then all of a sudden everyone came to know about this. and thats how i lost my friends. my group is broken.
    Today its just me , bhumit and another guy named hanish.
    bhumit is my friend, but sometimes, somethings happen between us that shouldn’t be happening between friends.
    I still have hope that he might come back, but he says that he wont. please help me. what do i do?
    i even got a job, but i am still not happy. its been 5-6 months since our break-up, but i still am not over him. I get upset at very little things, and i dont like that. i want to be happy, as i was a year ago. please help. what do i do?

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