Break up after 8 year long relationship

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    I am 25 years female. I was in a long distance relationship for eight years. I met my ex – boyfriend when I was 13 years old .we were very happy together. He used to visit me during holidays. We were so close that we decided to get married. Our parents had agreed. Then he went to another place for his higher studies 3 years back. There he met a girl who was beautiful and attractive. They became friends but I was comfortable with it because I trusted him a lot. She knew from the very beginning that we were committed. But then within a few days they started an affair. He left me saying that long distance relationship don’t work. He said he feels staying single would make him happy. We broke up. They’re still in a relationship. I am single and still think of him.He never called and replied to me in these 3 years. I tried to make myself busy but whenever I am free I miss him badly. This is affecting my studies. I want to move on. Help me out.

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