break up for the sake of parents

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    hi all,

    I was working in Bangalore and earning a fair income. when I came to Bangalore 5 years ago I happen to get in touch with an old collage mate who was very caring and affectionate. My parents were very busy to come and visit me there. but slowly my friend became very close to me and slowly and gradually I fell in love with him. After the completion of my PG in Bangalore we both started working there. After 2 years we both started living together. I always wanted to tell my parents about my love but it got delayed. Recently four months ago I had disclosed my love to my parents. They did not agree in the beginning as we belong to different caste. The next time I went to my native when my dad called and told that my mom was not keeping well and asked me to leave Bangalore and come back to my native to take care of my mom and I did. Now they tortured me mentally making me get scared of their health which resulted in our break up.Now my parents are not allowing me to go out. Even if I do I will have to answer many questions. I have some financial commitments and have to go to a job but this place is just a town and cannot get a good job here. I sit at home all day feeling like a loser and just hate my life. Please help



    Hi radhika, just don’t be so worried with ur life. It has many reasons why we are still living so be confident. So what is ur actual problem now u have, is it about job or love? Which one is more making difficult for u in ur life. Tell me first then i will tell you what u need to do. For quick reply u can contact my id [email protected]



    Hi radhika… hang in there. U seem to be self-sufficient and confident so focus on solving one issue at a time and im sure ul be fine. God bless



    Hi Radhikan,
    Your parents want you to stay at Native place for their health issue.Stay there and look for earning options. Always discuss the same with your parents. Talk ! Talk! Talk ! to them with whatever plan/options comes in your mind. Involve them in your career planning. They will realise slowly what they are doing holding you back.But , do try genuinely for job.

    About marriage, it is decision of you 2 love birds. you are getting married for yourself and not for the family. Stay firm on your decision if you both really love each other.Parents will agree at last.

    Stay Happy!!

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