broke uo with the man i loved…

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    hi, i was in relationship with a boy since 4 years.
    we are working together we also had physical relations.Now his parents forcefully fixed her relation with a girl of their community. i am a brahmin and he is JAAT.
    he asked me to break up then only bt i didnt, in hope to convince him to go against his family. now he talked to his parents about us & THEY TOTALLY DENIED
    reasons are
    I am elder than him by 5 years
    I am a divorcee & have a daughter
    I am from other caste
    & now still he says he loves me but cant marry, also that he will take care of me nd my daughter entire life without a physical relation till I get marry to some other goood guy, but I broke up every contact with him…….

    what should i do now, i just cant live widout him & cant see him with other girl.and i am ready to do every possible god or bad thing to get him.
    but he says that he loves his family more than me…..

    i have contact details of his fiance .

    should i tell her, send her our personal pics???
    should i hate or still love my boyfriend??
    i am confused please help me……I want to get lost



    Before taking any step I want you to think about few things.

    What you will get when you send you personal images to his fiance? Will he come back to you when he came to know about this?
    What all these things will create impression on your daughter?
    How we can say this as a true love where he is not ready to take responsibility?
    Every person know the nature of their parents. If that boy was really serious about you then he should stand firm with you in front of his parents.
    These all things are foolish which that boy is saying that he is ready to take care of you and your daughter entire life. This statement shows that he is trying to fool you.
    I suggest you to leave that person immediately. All your extra efforts will bring more pain for you. Think about your daughter first.



    Yes.. Leave him as soon as u can… And date different guys from matrimonial sites and marry some one immediately…this will ease ur pain with the past relationship and get over for this cheap person.. u can find many guys now a days.. And marry someone who is local in your area not abroad or other states.. Mind that other wise u will get cheated So ..Be strong and find a honest man in Ur life who truely care for you .


    Madhu Veena

    Dear One,

    I understand you will be in deep pain n want to bring this man n loving time back in life but as you have described its not possible in given circumstances n any efforts from your side will bring more pain to you and the other person. It will be very difficult for you to see your lover with some other women but you need to accept the reality.

    Please don’t get involve in any relationship immediately.
    Give yourself time to heal this wound.
    Take care of yourself n know very well this phase will be over n you will be happy again in life. Connect to your old good friends n spend time doing what you really enjoy…like dancing, writing, watching movies, taking your daughter to park.
    You priority needs to be to put energy in your health n happiness not in pulling other girl down n bringing pain in her life. It will only make situation worse. Let go him with understanding and trust in universe. You are taken care n will lead a beautiful life.

    With warm hug n love.

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