Broke-up due to our families and still not able to get through.

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    M in huge dilemma since 4yrs after i had a break up with the one i was about to tie a knot. I ve crossed 30 and not married still..
    I was in a relation with a guy from diffrent cultural background and also from a different state of india. We had worked together in the same organisation but since we got posted in extreme east and west our channels of communication became very weak..he was in a hurry to settle down but due to strong resistance from our families due to diffrences that cropped up while arriving at the marriage consensus..we ultimately had to break-up. Befre the break up he told me to leave my parents n come along with him where his parents wud do all the needful…i felt it was against my principle to betray my parents and had asked him to gimme some time so tat i could convince my parents …but he gave an ultimatum tat within 1month if i dnt go with him he would leave me forever…i tried every possible reason to stop him but finally he left deleting all channels of communication.. i stayed at the place where my job got posted for some 5months n got transfered to my hometown..i waited for him but to no avail…till this date he has not contacted me but m still not able to get through with his thoughts..worst part is ,for the sake of my parents i left him and now my parents are not at all bothered about me..they arent looking after me after i left my job father had a second marriage since 14yrs after my mom’s death…so only concerned about his second wife..
    My marriageable age has almost crossed n m all alone still living with the hope that one day he would definitely come back..plz suggest me what i should do..



    Hi, it doesnt mean everything is over about ur marriage. So how long will u going to wait for him? If he really loved u then he definitely will not going to left u in any situation. Atleast he may hav contact with u. It is waste of time if u still going to wait for him unless try to contact him so u may get the conclusion whether u hav to wait for him r not…..

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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