Can marriage weaken mentally

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    Hi. Its been 5 years since I am married. I married my childhood friend. He had vaguely promised that we will be leaving away from his parents. Reasons for that were that his father is known to be short tempered and mother too anxious and show off novice. My husband after marriage without my consent shifted us in the new house with his parents. Ever since things have been on and off bitter between us. Thrice in the last 5 yrs I went back to my parent’s place. After first such instance I officially wanted to part ways with my husband but my family coaxed into going back to him. I really want my husband but his parent are too annoying to stay fufilled in the relationship. My husband is not willing to shift away with me. I hate and resent my mother in law so much that I can’t stand her site also. This has been causing issues in my relationship with my husband. I feel depressed and angry both at the same time. This is causing deep shifts in my psychology causing distress.

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